1st of October 2018, Warsaw

Conference Second Life Of Buildings

2018 edition of “Second Life of Buildings. Poland & CEE” was dedicated to revitalization and modernization in Poland & CEE region. What are the differences between revitalization projects in European cities? Are the legislation and financing of such investments similar? How big infrastructure projects, such as airports, affect urban tissue? How do the investors of new buildings think of the urban-forming elements and how do those who focus on revitalization and modernization? What technological and technical challenges are facing developers during the modernization of buildings ? And finally – how to design the space to cope with the design of the recipient’s experiences? These questions were main points during the conference “Second Life of Buildings. Polska & CEE ” discussed by guests invited from Poland and CEE countries: developers, municipal authorities, general contractors, hotel chains, companies dealing with fit – out services, commercial real estate advisors, lawyers and technology companies.

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